What About Summer Rec? 🤔

So many have asked about the Summer Rec Program for 2022! We are in the planning stages for this year, and will be budgeting funds for the upcoming year at the Annual Meeting scheduled for March 8th at 8:15 pm.

But what is happening with the Summer Rec Program????

Well, the short answer is….unless we have volunteers to help organize and run the Rec Program, we will not be able to offer this amazing opportunity for the Summer of 2022. It would be a great year to get back on track, especially with all the festivities planned for Side Lake this year and with our new playground installed and ready for use!

If you would like to see this program continue and would be willing to help out to make sure we can offer Summer Rec this year, contact Gene Capitani at 218-254-7466 or genecapitani@gmail.com. Let’s make it happen for the kids this Summer!

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