Update on Legislative Contacts for Water Analysis

Several of those with concerns regarding our low water levels have been making great strides in contacting our local Senators, Representatives, Commissioners, and DNR Personnel to share their thoughts on this issue.

Our legislators, both Senator Tomassoni and Representative Sandstede have heard our message loud and clear! They have both been in contact with the DNR, including the Assistant Commissioner. They are supporting our request to have 2 more stop logs added to the dam.

At this time, additional calls to our legislators and the DNR will not help move this along any faster. We appreciate everyone’s support, and the Town Board will be in contact with our legislators until this situation is resolved.

The attendance of the 70 concerned citizens at the meeting on Tuesday and the subsequent messages to our legislators have achieved your objective for now. We will now wait for a response from the DNR.

Bill Schuster, Chairman

Town of French Board of Supervisors

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