Recreation Committee

This 6- person committee exists to provide input to the Town Board on issues regarding the Township Recreation Program. The committee members provide leadership and guidance for the Summer Youth Recreation Program. They also recommend improvement projects for the Recreation Complex and they organize Community activities such as Family baseball on Wednesday evenings.

Site Review Committee

This committee is comprised of the Township Officials plus three community property owners. This group meets to review all Conditional Use Permit applications that are submitted to the County Planning and Zoning Office. The committee submits a formal opinion of the proposed project to the County Board following their review meetings.

Beautification Committee

This committee exists to enhance the visual aesthetics of the community entrances and Township properties. This committee is funded primarily through fundraisers that are organized by committee members.

Parade Committee

This township has sponsored a parade celebrating the 4th of July since 1981. This committee plans, organizes and leads volunteers to make this parade a success.

Side Lake Water Resource Committee

This committee is comprised with officials from the Town of French, St. Louis County, Itasca County and several property owners within the different governmental jurisdictions involved. The goal of this committee is to create a Community Wastewater Management Plan.