Status of Improved Broadband in Side Lake For Areas Currently Underserved

The Town of French received notice that we will be
receiving a $70,000 Grant from the American Rescue Plan of 2021.   Funding projects to expand broadband service
is an authorized use of these funds. 

The majority of the Township, areas west of Hwy #5, has
been provided with the opportunity to receive fiber optic broadband,
to-the-home service, through a Grant to Paul Bunyan Communications.  Construction in those areas has begun or has
been completed.  The area around Perch
Lake was not included in that project.

The Town of French Board of Supervisors recently passed a resolution to commit $35,000 (15% of the estimated cost) for a proposed project for the Perch Lake Area.  The Township will partner with Paul Bunyan, who will also commit a significant amount of funding, and will be submitting a project proposal that includes a request for additional Federal Funding.  The proposed project will bring fiber optic service to residents in the area shown on the following map:

There are two additional general areas in the Township
that remain to be served with fiber optic broadband, the areas east of the Dean
Road to Luna Lake and those on Beatrice Lake. 
The Town Board will continue to pursue opportunities to bring fiber
optic broadband to those areas in the future.

The Township will provide updates as they occur. 

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