Review of Water Level Analysis Proposal

Several attendees at the Town of French Board Meeting on July 6th requested that the original proposal from the Township to the DNR to take action to further restrict flow from the dam be made available on this website. The specific request from the Township is to add one additional stop log on each side of the dam (two total), leaving 3 bays at the current level. The water levels, both upstream and downstream, could then be analyzed and further adjusted in future years, in accordance with the DNR’s Sturgeon Lake Outlet Analysis of 2007.

The link to the original July 8, 2020 post is listed below, which includes Chairman Bill Schuster’s letter. In that post, there is also a link to the original Sturgeon/Side Lakes Outlet Analysis done in 2007, as well as a link to the Water Quality Assessment of Select Lakes within the Little Fork River Watershed from 2010.

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