Response from DNR Regarding Water Level Analysis Request

The Township received a response from Jason Boyle, State Dam Safety Engineer for the MN DNR, regarding their request to revisit the Sturgeon (69-939) / Side (69-933) Lakes St. Louis County Outlet Analysis from 2007. The response was as follows:

Thanks for the invitation to the July 28 meeting.  I will not be able to attend.

Based on your request below and the request from County Commissioner McDonald, DNR will revisit the stoplog analysis.  This may involve a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis using computer modeling.  I am submitting a work requisition to our hydrologist/engineer group that does the computer modeling and analysis.  I anticipate that this analysis that will take several months minimum to complete, as I don’t know their workload or priorities for other such requests that they receive.

The first thing the modeling group will do is to see if stoplogs added to the six bays have had any negative effects during high water conditions.  If the stoplogs have had negative effects, we would have to remove some of the stoplogs from the six bays.  If the stoplogs added to the six bays have not had negative effects, then the modeling group will determine if additional bays could have stoplogs added.  Adding stoplogs to all of the remaining five bays is not allowable as it would permanently change the authorized lake runout.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.



**The Pubic Hearing on the 28th is set for 6:00 pm at the Side Lake Recreation Center Pavilion and will begin with a brief update regarding this project and water levels. Social Distancing protocols will be followed.

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