Public Hearing Changed

The Town of French would like to adopt a “No Wake” Ordinance on the portion of the Sturgeon River, between Little Sturgeon Lake and Side Lake. We have posted a notice for a Public Hearing/comment period. The Public Hearing was to be held on Tuesday, April 14th at 7:00 pm at the Community Center in Side Lake.

Due to the extended no-travel period for COVID-19 protocol, we will postpone this Public Hearing until Tuesday, May 12th – same time and location. We also request that any written comments be sent to: or PO Box 28, Side Lake, MN 55781.

The Town Board would appreciate your support of this designation.

Additional information: There are two additional channels that we would like to include in a “No Wake” Ordinance. These waterways are between South Sturgeon and Little Sturgeon and between Little Sturgeon and Big Sturgeon. These waterways are located in both French and Bearville Townships (St. Louis and Itasca Counties). We will consider these areas at a later date in conjunction with Bearville Township.

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