Possible Faster Internet East of Highway 5 and Perch Lake? We Need Your Help!

As most of us know, Paul Buyan has been out here for the past year working to get us faster internet. So far, everyone that has signed up seems extremely satisfied with this new service. However, some of our residents east of Highway 5 and in the Perch Lake Area have not yet had the opportunity to have access to these services due to restrictions on the service area.

We would like to have Paul Bunyan come and provide internet service for this area, however, we need your help to do so!

We have set up a survey for the area east of Highway 5 in Side Lake.  Click on the survey link below to take the survey. It would be good to take the survey by October 1, 2020.  Paul Bunyan has completed some preliminary engineering for this project but has hesitated to move it forward since Century Link is established in this area.

If there is enough interest from local residents, Paul Bunyan will either submit a grant proposal, or if there is a bunch of interest they may decide to provide service without grant funding.

This is the best opportunity residents in the Perch Lake area will have regarding service from Paul Bunyan. Please respond accordingly.  More information regarding rates can be found at paulbunyan.net under “Gigazone”.

Click on the link below to fill out the survey: https://survey.paulbunyan.net/perchlake/survey.php

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