Exciting News for the Side Lake Summer Rec Program!

As far as 2020 is concerned, Covid-19 has changed much of our schedules these past few months. However, some of you may not be aware that, even though Covid-19 may have ended up canceling our Summer Rec Program, we actually were unable to get enough volunteers to offer this amazing youth program for the 2020 Summer Season! Last year, we had a full house, and our Rec Leaders had many registered and attending every day! Due to lack of participation, we had to cancel the Rec Program for 2020, even before Covid-19 came around. (Read to the end…I promise, it gets better!)

HOWEVER, we have had a few enthusiastic volunteers step forward that are willing to take on the organization and planning for the Rec Program to hopefully be back up and running next summer! We are so excited to have some help with the program, and WE ARE LOOKING FOR MORE VOLUNTEERS willing to help out with brainstorming and planning! Our goal is to get the kids engaged and playing outside in a safe environment with their neighbors in the community! If you would like to help or even have ideas to share, please contact Gene Capitani at (218) 254-7466 or genecapitani@gmail.com.


Since the Township was unable to offer the Side Lake Rec Program this year, they instead have decided to invest in our youth in another capacity – with NEW PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT! This new equipment will hopefully be installed this fall! We will post pictures and let you know when it is ready for use!

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