• Building & Grounds – P.J. Bjur and Tim Bjur
  • Fire Department – P.J. Bjur, Fire Chief
  • EMS Department – Alyssa Jerulle, EMS Coordinator

Town of French First Responders:

  • P.J. Bjur – NREMT
  • Rachel Bjur – NREMT
  • Betty Claflin – First Responder
  • David Hohl – First Responder
  • Alyssa Jerulle – NREMT
  • Dustin Nelson – NREMT
  • Emily Nelson – NREMT
  • Rick Nelson – NREMT
  • Emily Rudolph – First Responder

Remember: If you have an emergency, CALL 911! Do not call first responders at home!

When there is a medical emergency and 911 is called, the Chisholm Ambulance Service and the volunteer First Responders are dispatched by St. Louis County. The First Responders are trained to provide basic life support until the ambulance arrives to transport the patient to the Hibbing hospital. If advanced life support is necessary, the Hibbing Ambulance is dispatched as well as other resources.

First Responders respond to emergencies in their own vehicles and may have their flashers on to announce that they are responding to an emergency. Thank you for your cooperation in yielding when you see these vehicles. This allows for a more rapid response time to emergencies.

Generous donations from the community and various organizations have allowed the Town of French First Responders to acquire up-to-date medical equipment necessary for our community. Purchases made from donations include the rescue rig truck; the defibrillator and suction; snowmobile rescue sled and supplies; ice/water rescue raft, trailer, suits and ropes; back boards; air splint; BLS drugs; glucometer; pulse oximeter; medical oxygen and general medical supplies. French Township Fire Fund tax money is also budgeted for miscellaneous supplies and continuing education training.
The French Responders meet monthly to train and conduct business on the SECOND Monday of each month at the Township Fire Hall at 6:30 PM. A minimal pension is available for longer term volunteers through the French Firefighters Relief Association with good standing and dues.
Anyone interested in joining the Town of French First Responders should contact any of the above members to obtain information on requirements and available training.

The French First Responders are proud to serve their community and thank the Town of French citizens for its continuous support. If you would like more information, or are interested in joining our team, email Alyssa Jerulle at