A Message About the New Bridge Project

I know we are all curious about the new McCarthy Beach Road Bridge Project. It is exciting to check in on the progress being made on this job!

However, there have been visitors stopping by to check things out and even walking directly up to the equipment while it is in use! We have been asked to post a friendly reminder for everyone…

The bridge construction project site on Sturgeon River is NOT open to the public. Only authorized personnel are allowed for safety concerns. The channel is still open to water traffic if you would like to see progress of the bridge.

The workers are doing their best to get this bridge finished on time, and we need to be respectful of them and their safety. They cannot hear or see bystanders who are trying to get a closer look, which is very dangerous when using their heavy equipment and moving large structures. Please be mindful of this, and stay back from the construction site.

Here the latest from Ryan Nehring, inspector for this project, “The bridge construction project is right on schedule. To date, all the steel piling has been installed. By early next week, all abutments and pier caps will have been poured. The concrete will feature stamped rock and be painted to look like the bridge near Riverside.”

We will continue to post updates regarding the bridge project here as we receive them.

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